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E-Pouch (Earring and Tikka pouch)

E-Pouch (Earring and Tikka pouch)


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 Ideal for earrings and tikkas and other smaller items

Keep your precious gems organised and safe with our 'Earrings and Tikka Pouch.' This small pouch is made from vegan/halal leather, with a velvet inner lining and a PVC top. It's perfect for storing your earrings, tikka, or any other small accessories you may have.

The pouch's compact size makes it easy to carry around in your purse or bag. The velvet inner lining ensures that even delicate items won't get scratched or damaged while being transported.

Check out the Big ZB Bundle for the best deal.

jewellery and accessories not included.

 Dimensions in cm:

Earrings and Tikka Pouch (9 length 6 width x 3 height)



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